Bobbie Holzwarth


I am tired of the dysfunction in Springfield. As residents of Rockford, you and I deserve better. Home Rule will give local voters a greater say in how Rockford is run, and help the City reduce your property taxes, make your community safer, and improve your quality of life.

—Bobbie Holzwarth, Attorney and Partner at Holmstrom Kennedy

Ken Board


I support Home Rule because it gives us the flexibility to consider, debate and implement policies which directly provide us the opportunity for Rockford to become a top 25 city.

—Rev. Dr. Kenneth R. Board, pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church

Bill Gorski


My support of home rule comes from my belief that it is an effective tool to help our community accelerate our trajectory of improvement. I trust our mayor and city council members, who are our fellow citizens and neighbors, to use the tool responsibly and appropriately.

—Dr. Bill Gorski, Former Chief Executive Officer of SwedishAmerican Health System

Rudy Valdez


I am thankful that our city council has given me and other voters the opportunity to choose whether to restore an important tool used by 210 other municipalities, or to maintain the status quo of 35 years by continuing to allow Springfield legislatures the ability to control the future of our city. The more we learn about Home Rule, the easier our decision to vote yes on March 20.

—Dr. Rudy Valdez, Engineering Manager at Kaney Aerospace

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"The board feels strongly that the City of Rockford would be best served by returning to home rule," said RACVB Board Chair David Anderson. "At RACVB, we know that what is good for residents will help attract visitors. Our residents are concerned about public safety and want to see their neighborhoods thrive. Home rule will provide our elected leaders the ability to make decisions locally and efficiently about what is best for Rockford, rather than relying on Springfield to do the right thing. We need to return control to the citizens of Rockford."


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The LWVGR supports the principle of Home Rule for Rockford. We are committed to working with concerned citizens to educate citizens regarding the benefits of Home Rule and to answer any questions that concerned citizens may have as to how it will impact our community.of Home To that end, we are partnering with the Home Rule Committee to hold a series of Community Forums in every quadrant of the city.

We believe Home Rule will provide greater regulatory powers for addressing our community needs and better tax revenue sources, so as to eliminate the over reliance on property taxes. It is time for Rockford to return to local control and not be subject to the dictates of the Illinois General Assembly.


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Rockford Chamber of Commerce

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Rev. Dr. Kenneth Board
Senior Pastor
Pilgrim Baptist Church

Dr. Bill Gorski
Former Chief Executive Officer
SwedishAmerican Health System

Bobbie Holzwarth
Attorney and Partner
Holmstrom Kennedy

Dr. Rudy Valdez
Engineering Manager
Kaney Aerospace

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